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At Liquor Live, our Pre-Order feature cannot be found at any other liquor-related web-site. We really put a lot of effort into this component in order to make your life as simple as possible. By pre-ordering you will no longer need to determine how much liquor you need for your next party or what drinks to make while in the liquor store. In addition, you can have your order automatically transferred to your virtual bar to allow for easy management. If a liquor store is not in your metro area yet, do not worry. You can still use our drink calculator and print out your order to take shopping.

2. Local Liquor Stores

Keep track of your local liquor store and check up on store promotions.
Check store operational hours

3. Drink Recipes
Submit a drink recipe for the site and see what other people think of your creative concoctions.

Save your favorite recipes

4. Virtual Bar

The virtual bar is a great feature that we are sure you will find extremely useful. Through the virtual bar you can manage your liquor inventory. Determine which drinks you can make and what to purchase next.

5. Forums
Forums are a great way to learn about local hot spots, crazy nights, and anything else that you want to contribute. Participation always makes a site run smoothly and adds to the fun.

Send messages to users and post drink submissions to your Facebook or Myspace account.

6. Submit Pictures and Videos

If you think you have Liquor Live worth videos and pictures, then by all means become a member to submit them. Here your videos will get the publicity they deserve and be seen by web visitors all over the country. Go ahead, prove to people what a real party is suppose to be like.

Select Your Metro Area To Begin Pre-Order:

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