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Welcome to Liquor Live!
Our team at Liquor Live strives to increase traffic at your store through the World Wide Web. Liquor Live is the first website to offer such rich and beneficial features to liquor stores. We are very excited about working with you and explaining the simple organization and operation of our site and how it can help you. How our site works is very easy. A user is able to come to liquorlive.com, select a liquor store in their area and pre-order liquor. Before we go any further, I want to emphasis that the liquor order is never shipped to someone and each customer must present a valid “id” at time of pick up.

Liquor pre-orders can be done in one of two ways:

1st pre-order specific bottles of liquor
A user can order liquor based upon specific bottles and brands. For example, if a customer wants a bottle of a Bacardi Light Rum, they will use the pre-order feature, select order by bottle choice, select Bacardi Light Rum, check out and send that order off to you.

2nd pre-order liquor from drink recipes
A user can use our unique party planning tool. This allows someone to select a specific drink, input the amount of people he or she plans on drinking with and drinks per person. From there, they will be presented with the amount of liquor needed and liquor brand/ bottle options. The user will select his or her bottle preferences and then check out. A fax will be sent to you with their order and all you have to do is put it together.

In both scenarios once the liquor items are selected, the user will then be required to submit his/ her credit card information along with an estimate pick up time. The credit card is not charged at that point. We only require the credit card number to secure that the user will pick up his or her order. That order will then be sent to the liquor store through fax or internet. The user will go to the store, pick up his or her order, present an ID and pay for the order there.


How does this help you, the liquor store?

First, it provides your store with free online advertising. Second, when you join us here at Liquor Live, you will have a free webpage where you can display specials, a picture of your establishment, store hours, directions and other information. In addition, if your liquor store carries kegs, users are also able to pre-order kegs through the site.

How do you use Liquor Live?

Using Liquor Live is very easy. You will be assigned a login user id and password. Once logged in you will be able to set up your account, select the liquors you wish to sell and designate the price range you wish to sell the liquors at.

Here are some FAQ from liquor store owners:

Why are the exact prices not shown for the liquor bottles?

We opted not to display exact prices for several reasons. First, every time your store has a special we did not want you to have to go and update the pricing for each of those items. In addition, prices fluctuate and if a customer goes in expecting to pay one price and finds out that it is another that could create a negative image. So, we opted to take a different route which involves a price range. That way a customer can have an estimate on their order costs. Through the website, you will always be able to advertise your promotions free of charge.

What if I do not have an item in stock?

If you do not have an item in stock the approach that we feel is best is to replace the bottle with a comparable priced bottle which may be slightly more or less expensive (the user will be charged accordingly). If that approach is not satisfactory then we will work with you to figure out a method that is.

How do I know the person is over 21?

Great question! Every time an order is picked up, the user is required to show an id proving that they are over 21. If they present you with a fraud id or appear underage then you must abide by your state laws/ store policies. Since the liquor is never shipped, you will not have to worry about underage drinking.

When do people actually pay for the items?

Customers will pay for their items at time of pick up in your store. The methods of payments are all in your control.

Are there any charges to me?

No. Since Liquor Live is in the start up stage, we are offering this service completely free for a limited time to the first liquor stores to sign up with us. Liquor Live has the right to change that policy at some point in the future, but that will not happen without advance notice to you.

What if I no longer wish to be on Liquor Live .com?

Well we hope that would never be the case. If it is, just let us know and we will remove you from the system.



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