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Drinking Games

See below for some of the most common drinking games.  If you would like to add one of your own or submit a video of you playing one of these email us.

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Fair warning, dodge beer is VERY competitive! Two teams of 3-4 players compete in a race to see who can finish their cans of beer faster. Each team stands on opposite ends of a large table with a beer can in front of them. Team members should set their beer cans up at equal distances apart across their side of the table. To start the game, all team members should simultaneously open their beer cans. Like beer pong, one team will start first. Each team member will shoot a ping pong ball across the table trying to hit a beer can on the opposite side. If a beer can is hit, the person who shot the ball will need to start chugging their beer as quickly as possible while the other team members retrieve the ball as quickly as possible. The person may keep chugging the beer until the person whose can was hit places the ping pong ball on top of the can and says, �stop.� The person must stop chugging or a penalty can be called, and the person whose can was hit may take a chug of their beer. After all team members have shot, it is the other teams turn. Unlike beer pong, this games objective is to have your team finish the beer first. So, create a good defensive strategy, and figure out how to get a good bounce off of the cans! This game is fast paced, and requires LOTS of drinking!


This game requires a minimum of 6 people. Split the number of people into two teams. Each team needs a pitcher of beer. The person at the end on the left starts drinking as much of the beer as they can, then they pass it to the person on their right. That person tries to drink as much beer as possible before passing it. This continues until the pitcher is empty. The team to finish first is the winner and the person to the left of the person who finished the beer must buy the next pitcher.


This game is simple to play and only requires a quarter, a shot glass, and a table. The objective is to bounce a quarter off of the table into a centrally located shot glass. If the shooter makes it into the shot glass they get to choose a person to drink. The shooter continues shooting until they miss the shot glass. If three shots are made in a row, the shooter gets to make a rule. If that rule is broken throughout the game, the person who breaks the rule is required to drink a shot. The shooting opportunities go in a clockwise direction, so once someone misses a shot, they pass the quarter in a clockwise direction.


Flip cup is another drinking relay race that can be highly competitive. This game is ideal for a large group of people. Start by dividing the group into two equal teams. Teams should stand across from each other down the length of the table. Each participant should have a 9 ounce plastic cup in front of them filled with a designated amount of alcohol (typically beer). The person directly across from you is your immediate opponent and they should have the same amount of alcohol as ones self. One end of the table begins the game by holding the beer cup up in the air, then bringing it down to touch the table, bringing it back up to cheers with the opponent, and then drinking the beer as fast as one can. After consuming all of the beer, the players must put their cup on the edge of the table with a small amount of the cup hanging off the edge of the table. They must then flip the cup up and over by hitting it with their hands. Once the cup has successfully been flipped over, the person next to them should drink their beer as fast as possible and flip their cup. This routine continues until one team finishes the relay and can be proclaimed winners.


Materials: 12-20 9 oz. plastic cups 2 ping pong balls 2 water cups 2-4 cans of beer 1 table approximately the size of a ping pong table This is an entertaining game consisting of two teams of two. Each team stands on opposite ends of the table. Each team sets up the plastic cups in a pyramid on each side of the table. Participants will need to decide if they will make a six cup pyramid and use one beer or a ten cup pyramid and use two beers. In either pyramid, the point of the pyramid should face the opposite team, and the base of the pyramid should be right at the edge of the table on ones own side. Once the table is set up, distribute evenly, 1-2 beers in the 9 ounce cups on each side. Decide which team will go first. The first team to go, will need to shoot the ping pong ball from their side of the table into the opposing team members cups without reaching over the table. If a ball goes into one of the cups, that team needs to drink the cup of beer. Its important to drink that cup quickly, because if someone shoots the ball into the cup of beer being drunk, that team automatically loses. Shooters may attempt to bounce a ball off of the table and land it in the cups on the other side. If a bounced shot goes in, the opposing team must drink two cups. Bounced shots can be blocked by the opposing team however! In six cup beer pong, one re-rack is allotted, and in ten cup beer pong two re-racks are allotted. This means that before your team shoots in the middle of the game you can ask the other team to rearrange the cup set-up by saying, re-rack. The first team to eliminate all cups from the opposite side wins. Losers much finish the beer the winners have leftover!


The game starts when a person takes a deck of cards and asks the person to their left to guess what the top card is. If the person guesses right on the first time, the dealer must take ten drinks. If the person does not guess correctly, the dealer must tell them if the card is higher or lower. If the person guesses correctly on the second attempt, the dealer must take five drinks. After two guesses, if the person still did not guess the correct card, they must drink the difference between their guess and the actual card. Then, the dealer places the card face up in the middle of the table for all players to view. Then, the dealer asks the next person to guess, and the process continues until three consecutive people have not guessed the correct card. At this point, the dealer passes the deck to the person on their left. The game continues until the deck of cards runs out.


The way you play is you take turns asking "Have you ever ____________ " If you have, you take a shot. Example: "Have you ever had sex in a public place?" Everyone who has in the group has to take a shot, everyone who hasn't stays sober a little bit longer. This game is good when learning new secrets about each other.


You start listening to Thunderstruck by ACDC, every time thunder or any variation of it is mentioned you start drinking, then after thunder is said again the next person drinks.


You take two shots of tequila, then everybody tells of the last person they did something sexual with. After everyone has said who it was and what they did they change the subject. If anyone brings the subject up, they have to take another shot of tequila and take off a piece of clothing... every time it is brought up they double the amount of shots they took last time and take off one more item of clothing. Making up who you did sexual stuff with and what makes the game more interesting.

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