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Does my credit card get charged when I a pre-order liquor?
NO your credit card will not be charged until the time of pick up.

Do I need to present a form of ID at time of pick up?
Of course, you must be 21 to purchase liquor.

How does the liquor store know what time to prepare my order for?
At checkout you must input your time of pick up.

I made a pre-order and went to my local liquor store but my order was not ready or out of stock what is going on?
First, we apologize. Please e-mail us the name of the liquor store and we will immediately contact them and be in touch with you shortly.

Why is my favorite drink not listed on Liquor Live?
Well why donít you list it? Everyday we are updating the database. The problem is our bartender specialist is very particular about the ingredients and directions. He wants to get them right because far too often people donít. If you do not want to add the drink yourself, just send it to us and we will update it for you.

I uploaded a video but I canít find it anywhere?
At Liquor Live we follow a very stringent privacy policy and terms of use policy. Therefore, we have every video submitted to the database and then we have to approve and upload. If your video is not seen within two days then email us and we will get right to it.

Can I ship liquor to my house?
You cannot ship liquor to your house at this time.

Why do I not see an activation request in my email account?Depending on your email settings, the activation link may be in your bulk mail folder. So, check all your folders and if you still have a problem please email us at admin@liquorlive.com.

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