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Mixing & Measuring

Shake Rule: Remember to always shake drinks with: cream, milk, or half and half, lemon mix, and drinks made with liqueurs and a juice.

Two-Hand Shake: this is a very common shaking method. What you have to do is grab your shaker with one hand on the top and one hand on the bottom. Then shake in a back and forth motion over your shoulder.

Classic Pour: This is a pouring strategy that must be mastered. It is impressive and will make mixing drinks a lot more entertaining. Start by placing the pourer at eye level over your cup, glass, mixing container, shaker… Next, tip the spirit bottle so the pourer is facing straight into the glass and at the same time lower your arm with the glass to about where your belt would be (further or less depending on height of person) and then raise it back to eye level and stop pourer. Perfect your motion so one drop of the arm equals one ounce. Then with that measure mastered you can measure out two ounces with two drops, a half ounce with a half drop, and quarter ounce with a quarter drop and so on. Watch the instructional video because this one is difficult to learn by reading alone.

Box: A way to mix a drink without using a shaker. What you do is pour the drink back and forth from glass to glass or mixing container. You generally box a drink when the ingredients involve- tomato juice or half and half. In addition, when using plastic cups or glasses, boxing is also an idol approach to mixing your drink.

Two-Hand Pour: This is a more advanced pouring strategy but can easily be mastered. Take your mixing container and rest the end of the neck (the opening of the bottle) at the tip of the glass (do not pour yet). Now, start pouring your spirit with the pourer into the glass using the rise method. Then, pour your mix straight into glass.

Series Pour: A series pour is when you have glasses set up in a row and pour across the row.

Window Pour: When this pouring method is done properly you will always have the exact amount of ingredients in your glass. To start, take the glass that you will be using and pour exactly one ounce of water into it. Then with your finger, mark off the point where you have one ounce of water in your glass (see picture). So now remember which finger aligns at the one ounce mark (or any desired ounce). Finally, press the flat end of the pourer against the rim of the glass and pour the spirit to your finger marker.

Lace: Is a term used to top off a drink with a specific liquor or juice. How you lace is by circling around about a half ounce of the specific ingredient into the glass once the drink is finished.

Splash: When the recipe requires a splash of a certain ingredient, what that means is literally a splash of that ingredient once the drink is made.

Neat: When a spirit is served with no ice, straight from the bottle.

Straight-Up: A single spirit served straight from bottle to glass without ice. Or a cocktail built with ice and then strained into the glass without the ice.

Tall: This is very simply a mixed drink made over ice in a large glass.

On-The-Rocks: Simply means a drink poured over ice.
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