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Liquor Live was founded by a group of professionals with a side interest in Internet Entrepreneurship and the liquor business.  They decided that the process of going to a liquor store, determining what drink to make, and how much liquor would be needed could be simplified. An easier way to entertain needed to emerge. Well today, there is.

Through the use of this site, you can search through the many drink categories from manly to girly, learn how to make drinks through instructional videos, and pre-order liquor. Not only are you able to pre-order hard liquor but you can actually pre-order kegs. When you make a pre-order on the site you are NOT actually purchasing the liquor but are instead reserving it for pick up where you must present a valid identification proving you are of age to purchase liquor. Your credit card information will be needed to make a pre-order to show the liquor store owner that you are making a serious order. You will pay for your pre-order at the liquor store. If it so happens that a bottle is out of stock at the liquor store you are ordering from, the storeowner will either give you a quick call back and suggest a similar spirit or substitute a spirit upon arrival.

Aside from the pre-order feature, the site allows you to have the opportunity to browse thousands of drink recipes, submit your own drinks, videos, pictures, and utilize a very unique virtual bar. The Liquor Live site also allows you to determine exactly how much alcohol you will need for your event. Simply input the number of people you are having and approximately how many drinks they all plan on consuming. Then Liquor Live will provide you with the amount of liquor you will need to have a fully stocked party. So, go ahead and enjoy. Remember that every feature on this site is completely free and your credit card will never be charged unless you make a purchase in our store. Liquor Live requires you to be of legal drinking age before you can use the site for drinking related purposes or any member related feature such as adding drink reviews, submitting drinks, researching drinks, and submitting media content. Liquor Live will prompt you for your birthday and require that you verify you are of legal drinking age before providing you with Liquor Live membership. Liquor Live was created for your convenience. If you have any questions about this site let us know. We are here to make your life easy!

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